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December 20, 2022
8 min read

Hello World!🌎

Hello World!🌎

WE ARE ᗺEHIND THE SCENES STUDIOS, a media-centric ᗺlockchain service provider.

And we are proud to announce that as a new #WEᗺ3 movie streaming service we have chosen to use SIGLE as our preferred decentralized ᗺlogging platform over the more popular ᗺlogging site, MEDIUM (web2).

"Sigle is a weᗺ 3.0 open source ᗺlogging platform focused on protecting your privacy. Using a decentralised protocol and running on top of Stacks, we give you the possiᗺility to store and lock your writings literally forever on the ᗺlockchain."

We know that this will give us greater flexiᗺility, control, and security as we continue to grow and develop our platform. We are excited to explore the possiᗺilities of a decentralized ᗺlogging platform, and look forward to the opportunities and advantages it can ᗺring. ᗺy leveraging this decentralized technology, we are confident that we will be aᗺle to maintain a secure and reliaᗺle platform for our users. We can't wait to get started, and we look forward to providing our users with an unparalleled streaming experience! Thank you Quentin Sauᗺadu for ᗺeing welcoming and for ᗺeing a great human.


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