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November 12, 2023
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BTS Studios: The Golden Ticket | ᗺTS #9

BTS Studios: The Golden Ticket | ᗺTS #9

The Golden Ticket: A New Era in Film Financing and Distribution

Ready to revolutionize the film industry? With the Golden Ticket, you can be an Executive Producer and earn a fair share of the rewards for the film SUPERPOSITION.

  • Here's what you get:

    • Royalties from NFTs and ongoing royalties from film transactions

      🟥You earn a share from the buys and sells of the film and associated NFTs.

      🟥Your participation is essential as the film gains popularity and success.

    • Exclusive access to events, premieres, and behind-the-scenes content

      🟪With the Golden Ticket in hand, you gain access to exclusive events, premieres, and behind-the-scenes content. You'll be part of the inner circle, getting a firsthand look at the magic of filmmaking.

    • Your name on the credits

      🟧As an Executive Producer with the Golden Ticket, your support and contribution will be recognized with a prominent placement in the film credits.

      🟧Your name will be immortalized alongside the talent and crew, showcasing your integral role in bringing the FILM to LIFE.

      🟧It's a special honor that allows you to leave your mark and be forever associated with the magic of cinema.

  • Voting rights to influence important decisions related to the film production process

    🟦Your Golden Ticket comes with the power to influence important decisions related to the film production process.

    🟦Your voice matters, and you can contribute to shaping the direction and vision of the projects you support.


We released the Golden Ticket models during the industry strike, and we are grateful to those who had the guts to become Executive Producers(you know who you are). With the strike now over, it's even more important to show the film industry that there's a better way: decentralized filmmaking.

Join us in making a film with the Golden Ticket community. With our decentralized approach, everyone has an equal chance to participate, all financial transactions are transparent, and the community has a say in all important decisions.

Together, we are revolutionizing filmmaking one film at at time.

THE FLOOR IS YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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